Jason Demlow

Pastor_DemlowThanks for checking out our Web site. May I take this opportunity to introduce you to Plack Road Baptist Church? We are a friendly, informal, energetic kind of church – mixed together with a little bit of sourdough. We exist for the purpose of assisting our community in spiritual affairs, and carrying the good news to the world that Christ died for our sins.

If you are now living in the North Pole area, or soon will be moving here to Alaska why not consider making Plack Road Baptist your house of worship.

Please explore our site where you will find In the Church History section a brief history of Plack Road, and an introduction to the ministries of our church.
Our Missionary page will introduce you to our missionary sent out of our church, Bro. Ron Lambert.
You will also find a number of sermons and articles in the Sermons Articles sections.
If you are interested in furthering your spiritual education, you might want to inquire about the Plack Road Baptist Church Bible Institute.
Thanks for giving us a moment of your time, if we can assist you in any way please call us at (907) 488-6697 or email at

Pastor Demlow

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